40+ Celebrities That Are Actually Wearing Wigs and We Never Knew

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Alexis Ren is best known for her work as an entrepreneur, having founded We Are Warriors. She’s also a model that has appeared in several music videos and has performed on Dancing With the Stars.

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With over 17 million Instagram followers, Ren continually posts eye-catching pictures that garner the admiration of her followers. Her exceptional photos place her around the world, enjoying her day-to-day activities and modeling while wearing various wigs.


This Brooklyn native has made waves in the music industry after signing a music deal with Warner Records. Rexha has released popular songs, including “In the Name of Love”, “Say My Name”, and “Break My Heart Myself”, to name a few.

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Rexha has also posted pictures featuring several impressive wigs while posing for the camera. Her 10.7 million followers cheered Rexha for her incredible photos of her wearing a black wig behind the scenes.


Cardi B pushes the envelope of fashion, censorship, and traditional tastes as her outfits, lyrics, and appearances become the talk of the town and the center of our continued attention. This performer is keenly aware of how to pique our interest.

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This singer-songwriter has created buzz through her interesting lexicon and energetic personality. She’s also known for her ever-changing appearances in red carpet events and her daily life. Cardi B dazzles onlookers with unique wardrobes, wigs, and accessories, creating a unique appeal.


Ciara, a singer with many chart-topping songs to her name, is known for her R&B and pop songs released during the 2000s featuring Ludacris, Petey Pablo, and Missy Elliott. Her catchy songs became dance classics over the years.

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This vivacious singer attracted fans through her excellent choreography, exciting concerts, and unique street style. When appearing on the red carpet, her style and hair (thanks to wigs) were noticeably different as she adopted a more elegant appearance than normal during music videos and concerts.


Emily Ratjkowski is an American supermodel that has had a full career appearing on Nickelodeon’s iCarly, in two music videos for Maroon 5, opposite Ben Affleck in Gone Girl, on runways as a model, and a list of other incredible accomplishments.

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Ratajkowski is filled with talent that can cross many industries. This type of versatility requires the star to adapt to each role, fashion show, and music video, which meas she needs to constantly update her look.


Jennifer Love Hewitt grabbed our attention in Kids Incorporated and quickly stunned us in I Know What You Did Last Summer. Love Hewitt has continued taking roles, including 9-1-1, which have us glued to our screens.

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This stunning actress has graced red carpets countless times and has left us collecting our jaws from the floor as we’re habitually in awe of her elegance, beauty, and ability to look fantastic at all times.

Some credit, of course, is owed to her superb wigs.


Katy Perry has become famous through her sweet, girl-next-door on-stage persona with songs including “California Gurls”, “Firework”, and “Last Friday Night”. The singer-songwriter is typically featured in brightly colored music videos with cute objects serving as oversized on-stage props.

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Perry plays her persona well as her various, and sometimes elaborate, outfits match the same cutesy style she has crafted for herself. Katy Perry will also wear matching wigs in various fun colors to complete the ensemble.


From one icon to the next, Mary J. Blige has earned the nickname “Queen of R&B” from her extensive music career, providing us with hits like “No More Drama”, “Family Affair”, and “Not Gon’ Cry”.

Blige has opened a lot of doors for female artists.

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Take the time to watch many of Mary J. Blige’s music videos. You can witness the many colorful wigs she has worn over the years that have inspired other female singers to make bold fashion decisions in their performances.


Like Mary in About Time or Claire Cleary in The Wedding Crashers, Rachel McAdams typically plays sweet and endearing characters. Still, we also enjoy the cruel Regina George in Mean Girls or the thoughtful and mature Dr.

Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange.

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McAdams, who has a smile that brightens the room and a laugh that fills our hearts, possesses a unique style that serves as an inspiration to adoring female fans. The actress has ditched her past hairstyle for a shorter, blonde look.


Salma Hayek is an exceptional actress best known for her action, dramatic, and comedic roles. We loved her in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Frida, and the hit show 30 Rock. The Mexican actress has garnered the world’s attention and admiration.

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Hayek portrays countless roles where she transforms into various characters, from a notable Mexican artist to a wild west femme fatale to a dangerous wife of a trained assassin. Hayek seems to take on these roles with ease and grace.


Younger sister to Nicole Richie and the daughter of Lionel Richie, Sofia is a model that has worked on runways and magazine covers. As a fashion designer, she’s also worked alongside Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Micheal Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger.

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Richie usually has shoulder-length dirty blonde hair. When taking on modeling gigs, her hairstyle and color frequently change according to the specific look needed on set. This versatile model has taken her experiences into her work as a designer.


Toni Braxton is a multi-talented star that has a longstanding career as a singer-songwriter. She has hits like “Un-Break My Heart”, “Another Sad Love Song”, and “Just Be a Man About It”. The star has also conquered other areas of the industry as an actress and television personality.

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Braxton has changed her hairstyles to match each song’s emotions and messages, especially in her music videos. Typically, the singer has long, straight hair during more serious love songs. She wears short, curly hair to express higher energy.


This former Friends star was welcomed into our homes each week as audiences watched an on-again, off-again romance unfold. Since her rise to fame on the beloved show, we’ve enjoyed Jennifer Aniston’s roles in 30 Rock, Horrible Bosses, and Murder Mystery.

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Aniston is such a beloved part of the sitcom she once appeared on that even her hairstyle has become iconic, which is a difficult feat. That said, it may surprise you to learn that Aniston prefers wigs, mostly thanks to their convenience.

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